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People commonly face technical issues with printing devices for different reasons. Some would suggest purchasing branded devices to avoid errors. It is absolutely important to buy branded items. If you purchase products from a trusted seller or manufacturer, you shall obtain satisfactory as well as durable services. This is why it is suggested to people that they should opt for Lexmark printers. Though buying devices from this manufacturer does not guarantee absence of technical glitches. Users can potentially face many errors. To resolve those errors, you need help or support from experts. For that reason, you can call support center number of Lexmark printer customer service.

Common Errors with Lexmark Printing Device

It is not possible to list all the errors that users face with Lexmark printer. For the convenience of readers, some common errors have been listed below. Understanding these errors will help you to resolve the common issues that you often face. There are only a few lucky users who do not have to face the issues. But, most of the users commonly face errors with printing devices. For this reason, you need to find suggestions or advices from experts at Lexmark printer customer support. Dial toll free number of experts anytime to obtain guidance. In the following section, check out some commonly encountered errors or problems with printing devices from this manufacturer.

1. Device Makes Absurd Noise

You shall find that the machine makes absurd noises at times. This does not happen generally with new printers. But, old printer users can surely face the problem. If your device is more than 3 years old, it is vulnerable to show such error. What causes this absurd or unusual noise with this machine? Well, dust accumulation is majorly an issue, if the sound occurs during printing process only. Rollers must have been jammed with dust and that causes uncanny noise. However, if the sound takes place whenever you turn on the machine, you need to look for other errors.
If there is something wrong with fan of the device, it would make some weird noises. In a printing device, you shall find presence of four fans. These fans are there to cool down and machine so that it remains durable, long performing and functionally efficient. You can easily get rid of the absurd noise with fans by following our guidance on phone. Call us to talk to veteran executives at our Lexmark printer technical support. The following solutions are suggested when printer makes noise:

  • In case, there is dust issue with roller, you can clean dusts with blower. You need to open the device and then you have to check the rollers. Make sure that nothing is stuck beneath rollers. Dusts can be accumulated at other parts of the machine. You need to clean it properly. In fact, it should be a regular task to clean the machine occasionally.
  • If there is something wrong with cooling fans with printer, then malfunctioning fans are required to be identified. The fan may malfunction due to dust accumulation. Using blower you can wipe away dusts. Alternatively, you can clean them with a piece of cloth. Make sure that nothing is stuck inside fan. If this does not help, then you would require replacing the fans of printer.
Call Lexmark printer phone number for more information and seamless technical guidance.

2. Error 50.4 with Printer

If you get Error 50.4 with your printing device, it suggests that there is something wrong with power supply of your home or office. If the printer is attached to UPS, then switch it off and then plug off from UPS. Now, put the plug into the main power supply channel. If you get the same problem, then surely something wrong with power supply. If this does not show up error, it means there is something wrong with UPS. Basically, UPS can be damaged due to sudden surge of power. This would result into appearance of Error 50.4 with your printer. Basically, safety mode activated for printer so that its delicate parts do not get damaged due to power surge.

3. Problem with Driver CD Installation

Many people find errors, when it comes installing driver software with printer. This can happen due to many reasons. You need to understand those reasons and then you have to take troubleshooting steps accordingly. Call Lexmark printer contact number for more information as well as effective technical guidance in this regard. You can call the experts anytime you want as per your convenience. So, pick up phone and call us without any hesitation.


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