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Hewlett Packard (HP) is a well known brand for manufacturing various computer related products. This brand is known for its greatness in manufacturing flawless products for the buyers. When it comes to printing devices, many people trust on the products from this brand name. It has supplied some of the most advanced printing machines in the marketplace for buyers. If you are searching for robust printers, you can surely opt for the products from HP. However, users would face some technical errors. Facing these technical glitches is common. You may face them due to many reasons. When you face them, you need to troubleshoot them and for that process we can prove to be helpful for you. Take up phone and call our HP printer customer service.
Being one of the leading as well as experienced services, we are poised with knowledge as well as expertise to deal with various kinds of issues with printers. We understand that people can face different sorts of problems. Troubleshooting these technical errors requires expertise and technical insight. Our executives are poised with excellent knowledge as well as experience to deal with different technical errors. We can offer the best suggestions regarding resolving technical errors with HP printing machines. In the following section, we shall find some common errors and their possible solutions.

Common Errors with HP Printers

When it comes to facing errors with printing machine, people actually come across plenty of errors. However, listing all of them is not possible as the list would be immensely long stretched. For better understanding for the readers, we have furnished information on common errors with the device. Here is a complete guidance to those errors for you at a glance. To get advanced troubleshooting advices, you can always contact HP printer customer support.

Paper Jam Issue

Among various technical errors with printing device, paper jam is considered as common issue. It occurs due to many reasons. The possible reasons are given in points in the following section of this write-up:

  • Papers can get stuck due to dusts on the device. If you do not clean the device for long time, dust inside the printer can make it malfunctioning from various aspects. Paper jamming is a common outcome of such condition.
  • The pathway which feeds paper may have worn out for your device. This happens when the device is too old and it has been used quite extensively.
  • The rollers can also be worn out, and they need to be replaced. In some machines, rollers are easy to be replaced, but in some cases it is not easy to replace them.
So, if you are encountering paper jamming issue quite frequently with your device, you are advised to call us for HP printer technical support. We are here to furnished seamless technical assistance for paper jamming issue or other hiccups that you may common face with this machine. We have experienced executives who can deliver the best troubleshooting guidance with precision.

Faded Printing Result

When you find faded output with the device, you can take three possibilities in such scenario. These possibilities are:

  • Toner has become low in quantity. If this is the case, then you have to take out cartridge and shake it well. Once this is done, you should attach it to printer again. In some cases, this resolves the issue temporarily. However, on the long run, you need to replace the cartridge.
  • Printing density has been kept low and that probably causes faded printing output. HP printers come with ‘Economode’, which helps saving ink by reducing printing density. If the dentistry has been kept too low, you need to improvise it through enhancing it. Surely this will deliver better printing output, unless ink in cartridge has turned low or empty.
  • The third condition is that your cartridge is running on low ink. In such cases, you need to replace cartridge.
We can help you on phone regarding cartridge replacement. All you need is to call us at HP printer phone number. We shall give you step by step guidance on removing old cartridge as well as installing new one.


Ghosting refers to a condition, where an image is printed properly but problem starts from next prints. A faded shadow of that image would appear on next few prints. This can happen when printing density is set to extremely high. It can also happen due to some errors with power outlet of the printing device. Know more in this matter by dialing toll free HP printer contact number anytime when you require.


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