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A basic printing device is required by most of the computer users. This device has to be used for printing documents, photos, etc. Over the years, we have noted massive change in technology. Previously, we used to find printers with basic features. Now, we can see the devices featuring contemporary options or features. Among various manufacturers, Canon is known to be one of the most popular makers for printing machines. This brand has already captured special place and reputation in the market for serving exquisite ranges of electronics products. Furthermore, it features products that come with advanced and unique features. You shall get similar things if you choose Canon printers.
Though, a lot of good things to be said about devices from this printing machine vendor, a few criticisms can also be made on the products. Criticisms are basically opined by users when it comes to facing some technical errors. However, whether you buy devices from Canon or other manufacturers, you would surely encounter some technical errors or hiccups. Facing the technical issues is quite daunting. You need help or support from experts when you encounter technical hiccups. For that, you can get in touch with Canon printer customer service.

Common Errors with Canon Printers

If you are using printers from Canon, you must know a few common errors that you may face. The common errors are always important to learn as you shall be able to resolve them by your own to some extent if you have knowledge about the errors. When errors are faced, it is important to analyze those carefully. Some errors come with codes. They are known error or detect error by your device. In some cases, you would not find any error codes at all. Find the common errors and their possible solutions below:

Canon Error Code E13

When you are about to print a document, you may encounter that screen shows error E13. What does it mean? Why does this error appear? Well, this error occurs due to the most basic reason. It occurs when you cartridge runs out of ink. However, when ink comes to almost end, you shall get some early signs. Documents are printed with faded inks in some cases. Eventually the ink has been consumed totally and then your printer shows up E13 error. Thus, this is a basic error code and once you know the reasons for it, you shall take measures to replace ink from cartridge . For more information, you need to call Canon printer customer support.

Error U162 with Printing Machine

Interestingly this error has been faced, when you have replaced ink cartridge of your Canon printer. If you have not attached cartridge correctly, this error may appear. It suggests that the device cannot recognize the presence of newly replaced cartridge. It also happens when new cartridges are installed. You may have attached them perfectly but the device says this error. It means that you need to turn off your computer. First, you should turn it off and then give some rest. After sometime, turn this device on and you will be able to print documents with your machine with ease. If the problem still persists, you should call Canon printer technical support.

Canon Printer Error E05

Error E05 is an interesting error. This error does not only show up message on your screen, but also signal you through blinking orange light frequently or maximum 5 times. It means that printing head has not been detected by the machine. People may need to open printing head for cleaning purposes. After removing the printing head and cleaning it properly, you need to attach it back perfectly. Otherwise, you shall definitely encounter this error. When you encounter this error, you need to check the printing head carefully. Attach that properly and then move on with your printing documents. If the error is not resolved, you must pick up phone and call Canon printer phone number.

Printer Alignment Guide

For the best printing results with Canon printing device, you need to align it properly. For its alignment, a few simple steps are needed to be followed. Once alignment and color balancing has been done, you shall get better printing results, especially when it comes to printing colored copies or documents. To complete the process, you need guidance from experts. To attain the best guidance, you can call Canon printer contact number. All you need is to dial toll free number to get the best support from the experienced executives. They are well trained to help callers with perfect suggestions or advices.


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