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It is impossible to find a computer at office without attached to a printing device. Printers are important for everyone. Though today no one keeps hard copies of documents in database, essence of using hard copies has not become obsolete yet. This is the reason why we need to have good printing device. Not just printing text documents, these devices are used for the purpose of printing photographs as well. In order to get true color and attractive final output, using good quality device is recommended. For that reason, you should go for Brother Printer. This is one of the best printer device manufacturing brands all over the world at this moment. It boasts of making high quality devices which are embellished with advanced options to offer complete convenience to users.
Facing technical issues or problems with printing device is a common thing. Users of products from this brand have to face some technical issues or errors at different points of time. When you encounter those glitches, you are requested to contact Brother Printer customer service. Professional executives at the technical support center are poised with excellent insight to deliver the best consultation service against the technical errors.

Common Errors with Brother Printer

Before moving forward, we need to discuss the common errors or technical glitches or hiccups with Brother Printer. Your device can show various kinds of errors. Some of the errors come with error message. The messages are typically associated with numbers. Understanding these errors is important for the users so that they can take a few troubleshooting measures to get rid of those errors. In the following section, we shall know about those errors. Take a look at them:

1. Error E50

Explanation: Error E50 occurs with malfunctioning fuser unit. This particular unit of the device gets heated up to glue ink on the piece of paper. When this error code appears on screen, you need to assume that the fuser unit is either extremely heated up or it is not hot yet enough to conclude printing.
Solution: So, what should you do when this error occurs? The best solution is to switch off machine for 5 minutes. It may recover automatically. So, next time when you start the device, you are unlikely to face the same error. However, it may not happen always. In that case you need advanced guidance and suggestions on replacing this unit of the device. Call Brother Printer technical support for more information.

2. Error E51

Explanation: When you find Error E51 on screen, you need to assume that there is certain problem with laser unit of the device. The laser unit plays important part in the printing mechanism. If it does not work properly, the process of printing would not be completed. So, you need to make sure that this unit or component of the device works well.
Solution: The solution of this error is similar to solution for Error E50. In this case, you need to switch off printer to give the machine some rest. After 10-15 minutes, switch on the device and you would not face the problem most probably. In case the problem persists, you can try switching it off for some more time and check again. If that does not work, the component of printing device needs to be replaced.

3. Error E60

Explanation: Every device comes with four cooling fans. These fans are there to reduce heat generation so that the machine stays efficient in terms of performance. This error has been commonly faced by many people. It happens when one of those cooling fan do not work properly.
Solution: The malfunctioning fan has to be detected first. There could be more than one malfunctioning fan. You can call Brother Printer phone number to talk with experts regarding the process of detecting malfunctioning fan. Talk to the experts and know more in this regard. The malfunctioning fans have to be replaced with the proper fans.

4. Error Code 20, 21, 22, 23

Explanation: You may encounter either of these errors when Laser diode of the device does not function properly. A problem with this unit of the device can lead to no printing results. Laser diode plays important role in writing information that will be printed on the drum surface. Thus, problems with this unit can lead to printing malfunctioning.
Solution: When these errors appear, you need to close the printer to give it some rest. After resting the device, you should start it again. If you find error to persist, you should call Brother Printer contact number.


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