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Printer is the most basic equipment that we need to have attached with our computer, in case if you want to have hard copies of your important documents. Using this device is a great deal of convenience, as in this era of computer based data we still cannot deny importance of paper based data. Moreover, it is important for us to have this device with our system if we need to make paper based reports or presentations for studying or business or other important official purposes. Having this instrument is imperative, but at the same time people have to deal with some difficulties.
When you are using printing machine, you are likely to face some technical issues or glitches. There is nothing unique or unusual in facing technical hiccups, as they are quite common with most of the users. We are basically here to provide all sorts of troubleshooting services and advices to you, in case if you are getting repeated or frequent errors with this hardware component of your system. We help troubleshooting common or rare or complicated errors with the device. To reach us, you just need to make a phone call at our toll free number. Our professional executive will guide you to resolve the errors.

Common Errors and Troubleshooting Them

If you are using printing machine with your computer, you would encounter some common errors. Some errors are simple and easy to be resolved. Some errors are quite complicated. You cannot resolve them easily unless you have technical knowledge as well as expertise. Some of the common errors and their possible solutions have been discussed in the following section.

Error 1: Printer Has Stopped Printing

So, we have many times noted that printer does not work or does not respond at all under various circumstances. When you encounter such error, you can perceive occurrence of the following errors:

  • Printer has not started
  • Paper is not inserted for printing
  • Ink tube is empty
  • File is not supported or updated

These are mostly found to be common reasons, though possibilities of other reasons are there. To troubleshoot non-responding printing machine, you need to be careful on judging the error. The key is to understand the error. If printer is not started, you should plug in cable to the power source and then press start button of device. If ink tube is empty, you need to change or replace it with new ink cartridge.

Error 2: Paper Stuck into Printer

It sounds funny, though a lot of users have encountered this error in many cases. You want to print something, and you have noted that paper has stuck into the machine. It can eventually happen to many people and with different printing devices. Now, the question is how to take out the paper that has stuck. Moreover, what should you do to further prevention of the error? Basically, the process of releasing jammed paper varies from one printer device model to another. An expert can guide you according to the type of device in this matter with perfection.

Error 3: Machine Makes Unusual Noise

When machine makes unusual noises, you need to find the actual reason behind. Generally, it may make noises, when paper is jammed or clogged. If you do not clean printer, dusts can clog inside and cause noises. Several other possible reasons could also be there. To deal with such situation, we recommend you to call our technical support center. We have experienced personnel who have dealt with such issues numerous times. They guarantee proffering the best suggestions in this regard.

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